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Stansoft Linux financial accounting software offers a complete accounting solution for every business. It utilizes PostgreSQL or an IBM Informix database, a relational database management system giving you a system that is simple, flexible, and productive. Having no limit on the number of users per installation, allows for scalability from very small to very large companies. The Linux operating system was chosen to provide a stable, true multi-user environment. The user interface is ncurses / terminal based to optimize data entry efficiency. With accounting being a text based activity, a character based system is the perfect match for the task. A terminal based application provides for a fast system, easy remote deployment, and can be run locally or on a virtual server in the cloud.
Included are optional modules for petroleum marketers and convenience store operators. The Fuel Management, Fuel Dispatch and Retail Sales modules were developed for petroleum wholesalers, distributors, marketers and c-store operators. There is also a Gilbarco Passport back office interface.


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